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yo dj pump this party

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

for mason of movin92.5

the many faces of yvonne (me)!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

here are some outtakes from the shoot dave did of me for our new website. i was stressing for weeks and even attempted to go on another crazy diet, but gave up after 3 days because of my addiction to shin ramyun. in the end, i was able to lose that extra 5 lbs with the help and support of my best friend, adobe photoshop.

let’s start with something nice: sexy yvonne (again, special thanks to the good people at adobe photoshop)

mysterious yvonne

drunk yvonne and hideously deformed yvonne

apparently, i am incapable of closing my mouth when getting my photos taken …


Thursday, May 29th, 2008

i was overwhelmed with excitement when kumiko booked me for her senior portrait. this was no ordinary senior session. it was also going to be her first publicity images. see kumiko is a singer/song writer, and when she sent me some of her stuff, i was just just blown away by how incredibly talented she is.

shooting her session was one of the most enjoyable sessions i’ve ever had. the weather was sunny with a light breezy. you know, one of those perfect weather. on top of that, she played her songs for us while we shot away. i can’t think of anything that can top live music during a photo shoot. i feel spoiled…

to hear some of her beautiful songs, visit her myspace page at:

congratulations on graduating! don’t forget me when you’re world famous!

rowina + mark: sansrival

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

on my trip to so. cal, i had the honor of shooting the couple behind the super talented motion graphic design studio, sansrival . i knew rowina was a cool chick when i first saw her blog, pink*box a few months ago. i mean the girl dedicated a whole blog on “all things pink in design and style!” anyone that can find so many inspiring things in my favorite color is impressive in my book. coincidently, i found out later that she has been a fan of my work too. after the shoot, rowina + mark took me on a much needed tour of downtown la, and then treated me to pink berry!! i love these 2.. and their little dog too.



rockwell was very patient throughout the shoot. good boy!


more lomography inspired images



a little “pink*box” dedication






come visit me in seattle soon!

sweet caroline

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

caroline is going to start modeling soon, so she contacted me to get her portfolio started. we got to do some of the shoot around the pier, and later, in her kick ass loft in belltown. i love that space! i wish i can shoot all my shoots there…








good luck!