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Thursday, March 18th, 2010

it’s no surprise that i am a bad blogger (i swear it’s because i am busy trying to get the images to my couples).  even though 2009 was our busiest year ever, i’ve posted, like, maybe a couple of weddings from it.  it’s really unfair to my images because there are some great work that i really think deserve to be shared here.  so from time and time again, i’m going to blog some of my 2009 images.  even if it’s just a few images.  better late than never, right?

first up, jenni+hayden’s sweet and relaxed wedding.  there’s nothing more romantic than a couple in love lit by that hint of light during dusk.  luckily, we had the pleasure of capturing that moment.  and yes, i almost ALMOST ruined the mood by getting too excited about this perfect lighting.  you know how photographers are… 🙂

 jenni+hayden, thank you for the wonderful night and being so patient while i went crazy with my camera!

don’t wake me up!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

o my gosh… i feel so old…  it’s my favorite show from the 90’s, california dreams!  miss that show so much.