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Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

while i’m still in the midst of finishing up stuff from 2009, here’s one of my favorite weddings from last year that i just had to share. 

wiggs+dave are literally everything you can ask for in a couple.  they’ve got great taste, beautiful, kind and most of all, they are crazy in love with each other!  it was impossible to take bad photos of them.  shout out to the girls at good taste events for pulling together this phenomenal wedding.  now, i normally don’t post too many detail shots, but i just had to share wiggs+dave’s amazing details.  i’m sure it will provide lots of inspirations for all the brides out there. 

since i have been kind of lazy when it comes to blogging, here’s a super duper ginormous post to make up for all the half-a** posts i did before.  honestly, it was hard for me to narrow down which images to post, so i hope you have a couple of minutes to kill…

wiggs’ cute shoes are by hey lady.  she swear they were the most comfortable things.  i believe it! 

wiggs’ fairy princess puff is from casablanca. it was so fun to photograph that dress!

letterpress by atlas & campbell

cute, petite cupcakes by look cupcake

one of the most unique things about wiggs+dave’s wedding was that they served breakfast food for dinner as breakfast is their favorite meal.  not to mention, wiggs said it also saved them some money!



jen+mat peek-a-boo

Monday, January 11th, 2010

just got back from jen’s (madebygirl) wedding in vegas.  i think this image best describes her day: dreamy and full of love.

nobody puts baby in a corner

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

just finishing up with marla+mark’s wedding.  came across this image during editing and couldn’t stop laughing.  LOVE the light!

2010 resolution

Friday, January 1st, 2010

blog at least once a week.  EVEN if it’s just one photo.  you can do it, yvonne!

coming soon to a monitor near you…