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wiggs+dave peek-a-boo

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

shot a wedding that was truely every photographer’s dream last night.  i’m still on such a high…  well, now we’re off to shoot another fabulous wedding today!  what a week!


Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


sorry for the blogging hiatus…  this summer has been super crazy.  time seems to be the only thing i can never get enough of.  it’s like i can either spent a day writing a blog entry or try to finish a client’s project…  of course, i always choose the latter.  this blog somehow turned into the neglected child of an overworked parent.  i’m sorry, blog.  i didn’t mean to leave you all by your lonesome everyday.  it doesn’t mean you’re not important to me.  mommy’s just really busy right now.  to make it up to you, here are some serious eye candies of super hotties, sarah+jordan.  love you~