Archive: May, 2009

shnoo got owned

Monday, May 25th, 2009

one of the many fun moments between the king of yogurt and his new queen from their fabulous wedding over the weekend.  more to come…

we love maribeth+michael!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

yesterday we received a pleasant surprise from fedex.  our favorite couple, maribeth+michael has send us a box of paulette french macarons!  even though we’ve been on a strict diet, we quickly and uncontrollably devoured half of the box!  as i was savoring every bite of these heavenly desserts, my heart was filled with so much happiness and love.  i’m a real sucker for kind guestures!  i briefly mentioned my obsession with french macarons when they came up to seattle for a visit last week, and then they next-day-aired some macarons from paulette! i’ve had macarons all over paris, even at the world famous laduree, but these are the best macarons i’ve ever had, and it’s all because they came from such sweet people.  these macarons are so pretty, i just had to give them a mini photoshoot before they’re all gone!

thank you so much, maribeth+michael!  we feel so lucky to have met you guys!

cindy+charles sneak peek

Monday, May 11th, 2009

just shot cindy+charles wedding over the weekend.  this image really reminded me of the sunny and happy day.


Monday, May 4th, 2009

it’s spring time, so it was inevitable that we ended up in uw for the infamous cherry blossoms.  the truth is i try to avoid shooting there because everyone and their mothers go there for photos with the cherry blossoms.  i mean, who can blame them?  the whole quad area gets covered in them.  it is really quite a sight.  we ended up seeing a gazillion cameras and 3 wedding parties there!  i managed to put on my creative hat and created the above image, showcasing all the glory of the cherry blossoms minus the crowd that was underneath them.  it actually ended up being one of my favorite shots of the day!  i have to thank susan+peter for being so easy to work with though.  after we got a few shots in uw, i was able to convince them to venture the rest of their session to a more industrial setting.  it paid off big time, when we “broke into” a parking lot for metro buses.  we quickly got kicked out, of course, but not before we got some really fun shots.  susan+peter ended up loving those bus images!  i love it when it all works out in the end.  🙂

i just love the randomness of this last image