Archive: December, 2008

cindy + charles

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

happy new year!  well, it’s not officially 2009 here in seattle yet, but it is everywhere else!  i got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, so i am spending new year’s eve at home, heavily medicated, and sporting a pair of sexy chipmunk cheeks.

boy, i still have so much blogging to catch up…

here’s cindy + charles’ engagement session.  this gorgeous couple was a bit shy at first, but after some fun, we were able to get some super fun and cute images.  i discovered a couple of new textures, so i did myself a little experimentin’.

i loooooooove the color of the emp

playing with off camera flash

cindy + charles, can’t wait until your wedding in may!

sandra + vincent

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

i’ve never met sandra + vincent prior to their engagement session, yet we bonded instantly as if we’ve been long time friends.  by long time friends, i mean i was able to “boss” them around with questionable poses and experimental shots, where they were more than happy to comply with all my irrational demands.  my favorite kind of subjects.  🙂  their complete trust in me definitely paid off big time in the end, and i was able to capture these ultra romantic and fun images for them…  definitely one of my favorite couple sessions.

sandra + vincent, thank you for being such good sports.  these beautiful images wouldn’t have been possible without your jumping, running, and rolling around in your dress and suit.


Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

it was a sunny and hot day in seattle.  like every seattle bride, kelsey was praying for the sun.  luckily, her prayer was answered.  with seattle…  you just never know.  i wasn’t worried though, i knew i was going to get spectacular images from kelsey+lane even if it was hailing.  after all, it was their amazing engagement session that won me an award.

kelsey having some fun with her veil

this was meant as a serious shot, but the groomsmen surprised me in the middle of it.   haha

kelsey’s dad wore these trouser shorts before the wedding as a joke.  for a minute kelsey was worried.

after the wedding, kelsey+lane and i snuck off to the private beach next to the club house for a couple shots with the beautiful sunset.

lane enjoying a dance with his mother

kelsey + lane, thank you for another great shoot.  wish you lots of love and happiness