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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

it was another good day. miranda+cory were so cute and beautiful it was hard not get great shots. there were so many good images, it was difficult for me to pick which one to post.

i had so much fun starting the day with miranda and the girls at the westin hotel. later, we headed to post alley and sculpture park for portrait session in the rain. then finally, lake union cafe, where the wedding took place. it was a crazy long day, but boy, was it well spent.





miranda to cory: bobble head cake topper


cory couldn’t stop checking out miranda during their first sight


the YWP take on post alley



urban inspired portrait: check!



other favorite of the day









the balance of the world has been restored

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

after working all day and all night, we finally have everything moved from our old webhost provider to the new. everything should run a lot faster. please let me know if you see any problems. if you have tried to email me yesterday or the day before, please resend it just in case it got lost in the transition. feel free to visit my website whenever you get the chance! hopefully, this new relationship with the new webhost provider will be a successful one.

thank you for your patience!

susan + todd

Monday, July 16th, 2007

when susan (aka miss strawberry from the ever-so-popular ) asked me to take her engagement portrait, i was shocked and super excited. now i have to admit that i was bit nervous when i first met susan+todd at the seattle public library. i mean, i’ve been reading weddingbee religiously ever since it was still just on xanga, so for me to see miss strawberry in person was almost like meeting my personal celebrity. i know, i’m a dork.

half way into the shoot, susan+todd broke the news to me that this was their very first photoshoot, and that they weren’t very comfortable with cheesy and mushy poses. they were more “silly” people. “silly?’ i paused for a moment. “shoot, let’s do some silly photos then.”





isn’t susan so adorable?



sorry guys, i couldn’t resist posting at least one kissing photo… it’s just too cute!!



congratulations on your upcoming wedding, it was my honor to pop your photo shoot cherry.

congrats to myself!!!

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

it’s official! i got accepted into the prestigious wedding photojournalist association (WPJA) ! i heard many people couldn’t get in because they only accept top 5% of the world’s photographers, so i was completely in shock when i found out that i got in on my first try! not that i didn’t think i was going to get in, but i was sure that i would at least have to try out a couple more times. I’M SO HAPPY! it’s just such an honor to be seeing my name listed next to some of the industry’s best.

what is WPJA?

Leading the way in Wedding Photojournalism, WPJA represents the most discriminating talent around the world technically, creatively and visually. Qualified members hold industry-leading standards, skills and business integrity…The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an International, membership-based organization, represents professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style. The WPJA was founded to uphold excellence in the area of wedding photojournalism.”

melisa+jonathan : day after session

Monday, July 9th, 2007

as part of their wedding present, melisa+jon have requested for a day after session. anything for one of my favorite couples! day after sessions are quickly becoming popluar because it’s such a great way to get all the beautiful photos you want, without the wedding day time restraint. i love it because the bride does not have to worry about getting her gown too dirty for the wedding.

you know how people usually would say, “you are your own worst critic”? w ell, i disagree. i strongly believe that my mom is my worst critic. a s a self-proclaimed “artist,” she is especially hard on my photography. h owever, i was in shock when my mom was pointing at every single photo from this session saying, “ooh, i love this one,” or “this one’s good too!”

i think i can hang up my camera and die in peace now…



i was playing with a lot of straight on rays. they turned out beautifully!






sigh… so romantic…




my other favorite of the day


sorry, i can’t make it for the july reception. have fun without me!