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hello kuma!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

this is truely a small world. i was out in san jose last weekend, and saw a super duper cute shiba around my buddy, jon’s house. it turns out that he is one of my shibas’ dogster buddy! dogster is basically a myspace/friendster for dogs, where cheesy dog-loving owners, like myself, post little profile pages for our lovelies. dogster has its canine members from all over the place, so never did i expect to ever actually meet one of these cute little monsters outside of cyber space. kuma was so cute and full of energy, i’m sure mei mei and di di would have loved him as much as we did. too bad he lives so far.

if you are one of those “cheesy dog-loving owners, like myself” that has a dogster account, feel free to add mei mei at #229424 and di di at #229454 as one of your pup pals. maybe i’ll see you someday!



Sunday, May 20th, 2007

so i’ve been sitting in front of the computer for too long doing the usual, post processing, designing, blog snooping, shopping, blah blah blah… and now, my back, my back, MY BACK!!! this is the not the first time my back went into crazy pain after sitting in front of the computer for too long. i think it’s finally time for me to plunge down the money and get me self a CUTE, ergonomic chair.

let’s meet some of the contestants.

aeron chair $949 ~ $979 – the one, the original. can’t help but feel well supported. my back pain will be substituted with the new wallet pain.

chadwick chair $586 – from the same designer as the aeron, don chadwick. simple and discrete, i actually like the look of chadwick more than the aeron. the price also makes it more attractive. however, it still screams OFFICE chair to me.

eames aluminum management chair $1,075 ~ $1,998 – this one is a looker. it’s simple, it’s classic, and it doesn’t scream office. the drawback is the obvious crazy price tag, and the support doesn’t even come close to a chair you would find at your local office depot.

mirra task chair $799 – this one might be my favorite so far. it comes in a few variety of colors, and the support is actually even better than the aeron. not to mention cheaper too (ok, not by much). the chair really molds and contours to the shape of the human body. i’m not too crazy with its aesthetic, but i guess it’s a bit quirky and unique. a serious contender.

so far i’ve only checked out dwr. if you know any other cute and comfy chairs, please share with me and my back.

all images by dwr


Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

it was such a rewarding experience to shoot katrina+erik’s simple, yet beautiful wedding. although it was a long day, every single minute was so well spent. every few shots, i’d think i found my favorite image of the day, and then another one would come up after a few more shots. i love these kind of days!

katrina’s mom was so sweet and nice. i wanted to steal her and take her home with me.


KE (1)

the room katrina got ready in had a beautiful mural of heaven and angels in the ceiling. it made a perfect backdrop.

KE (2)

KE (3)

KE (4)

KE (5)

erik getting some help from his father.

KE (6)

KE (7)

KE (8)

one of my favorite shots from the wedding!

KE (9)

KE (10)

KE (11)

the handsome groom

KE (12)

my other favorite shot . . . katrina could put gisele to shame with this pose!

KE (13)

KE (14)

katrina’s custom designed gown was such a huge hit at the wedding.

KE (15)

at the reception, katrina+erik had guests fill out a worksheet of advice and wishes. this guest wrote, “let her handle all the family money. most importantly, keep mother-in-law’s opinions where they belong: ignored.”

KE (16)

KE (18)

KE (17)

katrina couldn’t find a glass, so she just took the pitcher and . . .

KE (19)

on the getaway car window, “you’re invited sheraton room #432.”

KE (20)

thanks for a great time, you guys! have fun in europe!

jurarut+raffy: a decade later…

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

jurarut+raffy’s wedding was really a decade in the making. yes, that’s right, they knew each other for 10 years and have been dating for 8!!! and yes, they are as young as they look. i’m not so good with the whole math stuff, but i’m assuming they were infants when they started dating. and now 10 years later, they are finally getting married! the day was so beautiful and filled with love, i can’t imagine a better way to mark the new beginning of their future together. here’s to many more decades of love and happiness, jurarut+raffy!


this little girl is so cute, she almost stole the show.


a random carousel horse in the middle of the room.




red bull – the unofficial sponsor of jurarut+raffy’s wedding









jurarut working hard for the money…



raffy working even HARDER.


i love dancing images!





congrats you crazy kids!

annie + arthur = FOR LIKE EVER

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

annie + arthur seems like one of those couples that are quiet and reserved, but upon closer inspection, you realize that they are just so in love in their own little world. they’d talk and giggle to each other so privately, it’s as if there’s always a secret joke that only those two shared. they “claimed” they were speaking in chinese, but from the way they were communicating to each other, it seemed like it was their own special language.

annie + arthur’s going to be married at the end of may, but unfortunately i will be out of town that weekend, so i won’t be able to capture that special day for them. at least we got these super cute and fun engagement portraits for them to enjoy!

they didn’t have a preference to where they’d want their portrait to take place, so i offered my place for the occasion. when i bought this cool poster from village, i knew that i wanted to use it in one of my engagement sessions. so here it is!