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make me look fluffy

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

clear day on a weekend… a rare occasion here in seattle. carpe diem, it’s bath and groom time for the shibas.







my post alley cliche

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

i don’t usually take moody images, but it’s always important to try new things. so here goes my little attempt on a cliche moody image.



if you want unconditional love …

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

i ‘m crazy about dogs. they love with no ulterior motives. they just love you because you’re you! they’d wait all day for you to come home from work, just to snuggle and play with you. they live for your love and your presence. who can resist them?

that’s why it really confuses and hurts me to see so many cute and loving dogs at the humane society , desperate for a human to call their own. it just boggles my mind that people aren’t fighting to take these dogs home with them.

if you’re looking for unconditional love, look no further. they are located at your nearest humane society . best friends don’t come better than these loving creatures.

these are just a few of the amazing dogs they have down at the bellevue, wa campus :


espedo – espedo was first really working for the camera, but then later, i think my continuous shooting drove him hiding behind his door.


dakota – super hot doggie model. she was a natural in front of the camera!


deacon & dakota – these two were so close. it was fun to watch them play and wrestle


chevy – chevy might look like a menacing and scary pit bull, but he was so calm and gentle, and he is only 3 years old! i really liked him.


blue – so fluffy and cute. he is an australian shepherd mix, which means, super intelligent and easy to train dog!


dutchess – as you can tell from this image, she was very curious about my camera.


buddy – he was not shy at all. and look at those crazy ears!!! so much character.


bandit – bandit is definitely the mature one of the bunch. he was so well-mannered and sweet. he would make an easy addition to any household. i love sleepy doggie images!

teddy & charley

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

no, teddy and charley are not characters from a hans christian andersen fairy tale. although they certainly look cute enough to audition for the parts. it was so great when teddy and charley came to the session all pumped up and excited to play. they made my job so much easier. they were so cute and fun that it was hard for me to stop shooting. every shot was golden. don’t you love it when that happens?





one of my favorite shots


there were just too many good shots. visit my updated website for more photos.

shonagh home

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

shonagh is one of the most incredible women that i’ve ever met. she’s lived so many lives and has so many talents. a dancer, interior designer, actress, ballerina, mom… and now she’s adding live food nurtition coach to her long resume. live food, aka. raw food has been shonagh’s absolute passion. she spents countless hours studying this life style, and has become so knowledgeable that she is going to start doing seminars in the seattle area to educate people about all the benefits of live food. To get more information on upcoming classes, email her at .

here are a few of her publicity shots.