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Sunday, January 28th, 2007

today dave and i went to the local high school parking lot and gave my dear ol’ 92 toyota camry a final high fashion photo shoot. ok, by high fashion, i mean using my new camera, lens and photoshop. i’m selling my lovely 92 toyota, i want to say good bye in style.

the old girl has been through some thick and thin with me since 92. first, she endured the craziness that is my mom’s “driving.” later, she rode through my mall-hopping, fun-loving teenage years (ok, not as bad as it sounds, we took good care of her. oil change, maintenance and everything). now, it’s finally time to say good bye. she was, and always has been such a great companion.

thank you for safely delivering us home all these years. you are the best, first car anyone can ever have.

yes, i am talking to my car…


good bye, old friend


ok, i just thought my hubby looked so cute here.


Monday, January 22nd, 2007

SAM’S new sculpture park has finally opened!!! i’ve been waiting for this place to open since before my wedding. i really wanted to take photos there, but unfortunately, construction was, as usual, late. today, david and i went down and to the grand opening to see the new park in all its glory. to be honest, i was a bit disappointed. there wasn’t that much to see. maybe i was really distracted by the crowd and all the cute dogs, but it definitely was not as magnificent as i have hoped it to be. nevertheless, it’s always another great chance to take the new gears out for a spin.

i’m usually a more telephoto and tight frame girl, so shooting with my new 16-35mm 2.8L was first a challenge, but then it quickly became a really fun and refreshing experience. dave was shooting up a storm with his new 30d + 50mm 1.4. he was getting some pretty interesting shots too… i’m so proud of him.





sculpture04 sculpture02


Saturday, January 13th, 2007

it’s heeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrre~! my new canon gears are here. i finally made the switch from nikon to canon. well, i’m still keeping my d200 b/c i still love it so much, but from now on, i will be mainly a canon user. as john said it, i have stepped over to the dark side. muhahaha…. so far so good, me likey!

here are a few shots of my lovely shiba inus, mei mei and di di, with the 85mm 1.8 on the 5d.

01 02



Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

over the weekend, one of dave’s coworker brought his daughter over for a photoshoot. she is seriously one of the most adorable little girl I’ve ever met. i love her huge green/gray eyes, and at time, she almost looks like a mini rachel mcadams! the way she mumbles gibberish out in that tiny little voice was the funniest part about her. of course, most of the time i just laughed because i have no idea what she’s saying. although my dog, didi, seem to understand her because he kept following her and doing whatever she tells him to . this photoshoot was a present for her mommy’s birthday. i am putting together a little artbook with the photos i have taken. i hope she will like it as much as i do!

101 105

102 103

104 106